Glow Your Business with Vista Universal Additional Resources

Vista Universal, Inc. wants to lighten your load! We offer a complete range of products and capabilities
to compliment our extensive commercial and industrial lighting services.

Included in our list of offerings is our:

➢ sign service
➢ electrical services
➢ direct sales of lamps, ballasts and diffusers

We work with various utility companies securing rebates for our customers. These energy saving projects help our customers reduce their utility bills, thus increasing their profits and having less impact on the environment.

We want to make lighting your businesses as easy and efficient as possible. Your lighting infrastructure
is one of your organization’s important assets, so you’ll want to protect that investment. With the right
design and maintenance plan we can help you extend the products’ lifetime and optimize their
performance, with fewer interruptions and unexpected costs. From the initial consultation and
installation, to continued hassle-free operation and maintenance, Vista Universal, Inc. is the brightest
choice for your lighting needs!